Washed Stripe Pocket Tank | Pink

Our Washed Stripe Pocket Tank screams it's ready for spring. And we are too!

● Color: Pink
● Features an alternating pattern of two different shades of pink, and two shades of grey. A thin
stripe of white separates each color.
● Washed/heather look
● Unisex
● Front pocket on left side
● Neckline: Secure and high with two-finger measured straps
● Shirt hem: Approximately one inch slits on each side & slightly longer in back

Material + Wash
● 100% cotton
● Thin, soft material
● Does not have much stretch
● Machine wash gentle with like colors
● Dry on low heat
● Expect some shrinkage on first wash/dry

Sizing + Fit
● True to size
● If you want a roomier fit, size up!
● Please check the size guide before ordering


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