Floral Print on Black Muslin Swaddle

Our light and delicate swaddle blankets offer so much more than just something to wrap your little bundle up with. Getting softer with every wash, this floral printed blanket doubles as an emergency changing space or a quick picnic area. When your little ones grow up, swaddles are great for using around the house as extra cleaning cloths or even sewing together for a patchwork blanket. All our swaddles come neatly folded into a matching drawstring bag which can be stashed into your handbag while out and about. They also make great gifts for expecting parents.


Composition: Muslin, 100% Organic cotton
Gets softer with every wash
Folds into a matching drawstring bag
One size
Care Instructions:

Wash before wear
Machine wash in cold water inside out with like colors
Gentle cycle
Do not bleach
Tumble dry low
Iron at a low temperature on reverse
Floral Print

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